Welcome to our page for third sector and other partners, which features a new package of fully-funded training to help remove employment barriers for people with long-term health problems or disability.


The training lined up includes supported employment, Individual Placement and Support (IPS), Trauma informed practice, mental health first aid and others.


More training opportunities will be added over the coming weeks on the calendar and, below that, are other available open-ended resources that third sector organisations could access.


The funding comes from the Local Employability Partnership (LEP), which is preparing for phase three of No-One-Left Behind (NOLB) where Fair Start begins to wind down.


Dumfries and Galloway’s LEP is beginning to build capacity in delivery

partners, particularly to support disabled, long-term illnesses and those with complex needs.


The local LEP’s priority groups that the project addresses are: families, with children, experiencing poverty; Young People especially those who are care experienced; Disabled People / those with additional support needs; long-term unemployed; employers and small to medium businesses in Dumfries and Galloway, especially those facing skills shortages.

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Upskill your workforce

The extra training and resources below will also give organisations the chance to upskill their workforce by providing employees with opportunities to learn new and develop existing skills.

Upskilling can benefit your organisation by:

    • • Improving morale, engagement, and satisfaction of your employees
    • • Increasing productivity, efficiency, and quality of work
    • • Saving on recruitment costs and retaining talent
    • • Enhancing problem-solving and adaptability skills
    • • Enabling employee growth and new challenges

One of the key aspects of training is capacity building. You will find a wide range of training topics to help you improve your techniques to support best practice within supported employment as well as opportunities to reflect on current practice and identify opportunities for development of personal practice to better support people with significant barriers from the most disadvantaged groups to find, secure and retain paid employment.

Unlock free training anytime, anywhere.

A Roadmap for Creating Trauma-Informed and Responsive Change: Guidance for Organisations, Systems and Workforces in Scotland (2023)

This Roadmap has been designed to help services and organisations identify and reflect on progress, strengths and opportunities for embedding a trauma-informed and responsive approach across policy and practice.

This resource is designed to help services and organisations identify and reflect on progress, strengths and opportunities for embedding a trauma-informed and responsive approach across policy and practice.

Demonstrate the organisational environment and conditions that are essential for embedding a sustainable trauma-informed and responsive approach; and Highlight the different components of a trauma-informed and responsive approach and what it looks like embedded within an organisation, including the strategic and operational activities that are most effective in supporting organisations in their journey.

Each organisation’s culture will look and feel different, but it is important to consider how trauma-informed and responsive principles, values and ways of working are inherent across and within an organisation; how an understanding of the prevalence and impact of trauma and the key principles of safety, trust, choice, collaboration and empowerment are hardwired into day-to-day work, decision making, policies and practice; and how balancing a trauma-informed and responsive approach with other demands and priorities in our daily work can become second nature to everyone in the organisation.

Research tells us that to successfully implement a trauma-informed and responsive approach, an organisation needs to have a competent and confident workforce, organisational support and effective leadership. Without having these in place, trauma training or any other intervention aimed at trauma-informed and responsive change is unlikely to result in sustainable improvements. If you find that there is not sufficient leadership commitment or positive staff wellbeing, you may wish to focus on developing these before embarking on the next steps, including training your staff about trauma. Training staff about trauma in the absence of a supportive culture, opportunities to apply the training in practice and leadership commitment to adapting policies and systems runs the risk of creating frustration and burnout for

National Trauma Training Programme Online Resources


All listed courses are now available for you to access. They are a great resource for personal and professional development.

The aim of these two workshops is to help individuals and teams examine how they work through a trauma informed
lens. There are five key pause points for reflection, discussion, planning and commitment. Whether you watch this as
an individual or a team, it will help you to reflect on
+ the extent to which the people you work with may have experienced trauma, and the impact that might have
on your work
+ recognising and celebrating your existing trauma informed practices and how to sustain these
+ Identifying, and making an active commitment to the small changes you can make to help you recognise where
someone may be affected by trauma, and respond in a way that limits re-traumatisation and supports their
recovery using the principles of trauma informed practice.

These modules are designed to support anyone who may have contact with people
affected by trauma to become trauma skilled in the way you work. We recommend that you
start with Module 1, and then move onto the modules that are of relevance for your work.

Trauma Enhanced

Trauma Specialist

Workers who have a specific remit to respond to
people know to be affected by trauma
AND are required to provide advocacy support
or interventions
OR are required to adapt the way they work to take
into account trauma reactions to do their job well
and reduce risk of retraumatisation.

Workers who have a specific remit
to provide specialist interventions or
therapies for people known to be affected
by trauma with complex needs.


The Skills Network

Third Sector Dumfries and Galloway has partnered with the Skills Network to offer you all the opportunity to explore new skills and learning opportunities.


All listed courses are now available for you to apply and are fully funded. They are a great resource for personal and professional development.

Whether you are looking to begin a career in business, or progress into a team leader or management role.

The childcare and education sector is made up of early years, schools, colleges, higher education and adult learning.

The digital skills sector is thriving with growth and in a world that has had to adapt with many of us making the transition to online, developing digital skills has become key.

The need for training in health and fitness is high as many aspects of modern living continue to contribute to weight gain on a national scale and the associated health conditions.

Whether you are an individual looking for health and safety awareness courses to gain new skills, or an employer looking for health and safety training courses to upskill your staff.

The Health and Social Care sector works in the treatment of ill health and medical conditions and includes organisations which provide healthcare support.

Personal development and employability skills are the transferable skills employers look for when hiring new staff or promoting existing staff.

The Skills Network consumer experience is number one in retail and hospitality industries, with an increase in expectations and a savvier approach to buying.

For those seeking to learn more about sustainability and how to be sustainable and for anyone who has a personal interest in this topic for their own reasons or career.

My World of Work

Whether you’re looking to upskill for your job or train for a new role, online courses are a flexible way to learn.


Many colleges and universities also offer online and distance learning courses in a variety of subjects, many of which are free. Use our course search to find courses that interest you.

Explore courses in a wide variety of topics including computer science, languages, data analysis and statistics, business and humanities.

Courses, certificates and online degrees in subjects like computer science, data science, IT, maths, social sciences and languages.

A range of free digital marketing courses suitable for all skill levels. You can choose individual modules or complete full courses.

Offers access to training information, course materials and exam preparation resources for Cisco systems.

Explore digital careers and be inspired. Become a digital human with Digital World.

Digital courses for anyone just starting out or looking to build on existing IT and Cloud skills.

Build critical technology skills through thousands of online courses and free training programs created in partnership with universities from all over the world.

Build your skills in subjects like cyber security, entrepreneurship, Internet of things, Python and Linux.

Third Sector Dumfries and Galloway

Third Sector Dumfries and Galloway provide free seasonal training courses to third sector organisations’ staff, trustees, and volunteers.

Including financial management, office bearers and trustees, effective meetings, and organisational governance.

Recruiting, welcoming, and working with volunteers and trustees.

Including evaluation, business planning, sustainability, equality and diversity, risk management, and online tools.

Hear from funders direct about funding support available to Dumfries and Galloway.

The Open University

The Open University provide a range of courses in a variety of subjects.

Free courses focussing on the world of work, the world of business and the pounds in your pocket.

How children become fully-formed adults and how we all keep learning.

How best to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body and the professions that help us.

Explore culture, conflict, and the things that make us human.

Wherever you are, making yourself understood is the key to success.

Explore our shared home and get to know the species you’re sharing it with.

The rules of the universe and how we work with them.

So many people, how do we get on together, and what happens when we don’t?

Fundamental skills for how we live, work, socialise and play.


Microsoft have a variety of free online tech related courses. These are instructor-led allowing you to choose a traditional classroom training setting to learn on your own schedule, at your own pace, and in your own place.

Grow your skills to build and manage applications in the cloud, on-premises, and at the edge.

Learn how you can use Dynamics 365 to meet today’s challenges by bringing your customers and business together with the next generation of CRM and ERP applications.

Achieve more with innovative Office apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security.

Learn how to work together to meet challenges effectively with Microsoft Power Platform by analysing data, building apps, automating processes, and creating virtual agents.

The hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365: bringing people, conversations, and content all together.

The Skills Toolkit

The Skills Toolkit by HM Government provides free courses for individuals looking to expand their cv, get a better job, or for employers to train their staff.

Two courses to help with fractions, decimals, and other math skills for work and everyday life.

Five courses to help you use a computer, the internet, and office programs like spreadsheets and word processors.

One course designed to help recognise your strengths and develop resilience.

Eight courses to help with communication skills, your professional online presence, leadership, and collaboration.

Eight courses including project and business management, bookkeeping, and sales.

Six courses including user experience design (UX), graphic design, app design, and social media.

Sixteen courses including cybersecurity, computer networks, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud computing.

Six courses including HTML, CSS, Python, C, C++

Dumfries and Galloway College

Dumfries and Galloway College offer a vast range of training courses and workforce development opportunities that can improve your productivity and competitiveness by ensuring your staff have got the right skills to do the best job.

Your staff can pre-arranged attend courses in Dumfries, Stranraer or online and pick up the skills they need to perform well in the workplace. A range of courses are available across a variety of subject areas.

We can deliver any of courses exclusively to your staff in our campus, at your workplace or online. We can also develop a new course to meet the specific training needs of your workforce.

The Flexible Workforce Development Fund is a gateway to free staff training using Government money for Scottish-based UK Apprenticeship Levy Payers and SME businesses.


Take advantage of this Government funding to potentially upskill your staff for free and grow your business.

A Modern Apprenticeship is a great way to tailor training and upskill your staff to develop the capability to meet the needs of your business. Modern Apprentices can be either new employees or existing members of staff, and the funding available makes it a cost-effective way to develop your staff, boost productivity and grow your business.

Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) set out the skills, knowledge and attitudes which can be directly applied and assessed within the workplace. They’re work-based learning, emphasising day-to-day capability to build the competence for your staff to do well in their jobs.

Your staff can get the skills they need by learning in their own time as and when they’re able to study with our open learning courses.

DG Training

Online and tutor-led affordable training solutions, training courses can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your company or the individual

Alcohol Licence courses that meet the requirements of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Licensing Act 2003 in England and Wales.

CPD approved Business Skills courses are suitable for those working in any business environment and will help to develop and enhance skills and knowledge.

Childcare courses  are suitable for the those working in the childcare industry in both the private and public sectors.

Interactive Customer Service courses are suitable for anyone working in a customer-facing role and will equip them with the knowledge to deliver excellent customer care.

Employability courses are suitable for those looking to get into the workplace will help to develop and enhance skills and knowledge necessary for successful performance in working life.

First Aid courses can be used to reinforce competency, refresher training or as part of a blended-learning approach for our First Aid qualifications.

Food Safety courses ensure the legal requirements for food handlers and employers can be met, offering Levels 1, 2 and 3 qualification.

Health & Safety courses meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Our qualifications range from basic awareness courses to Level 3 Awards.

Health and social care courses, all of which are CPD approved, are suitable for those working in both the private and public sector.

Hospitality courses are suitable for anyone working within the industry. They will equip them with up-to-date product knowledge ensuring they will be better equipped to offer a quality service.

Management and Leadership courses help to develop and grow the skills and knowledge to become a confident and successful manager or team leader.

Gatehouse Awards, IIRSM and CPD approved Mental Health courses aim to provide an understanding of different mental health conditions and the effects they have on individuals.

Train the Trainer courses and qualifications teach the knowledge and skills necessary for professional delivery of group training sessions.

These Awards enable candidates to apply and develop their skills and knowledge in a volunteering capacity.

Care Training & Consultancy

Care Training & Consultancy offers a wide range of business and skills training, specialising in health and social care sectors.

Short Training Courses for Care Workers

The Health and safety at Work Act 1974 requires employers to provide adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to enable work to be carried out safely.

These courses provide an understanding of Health and Safety topics within the workplace for employees at any level.

Unpaid carer training

Courses for Small Businesses and Individuals

Develop the communication, time management and administration skills to excel in an office environment with specialist SVQ’s and PDA’s. Learn from experienced trainers that help you gain confidence in IT, document management, business procedures and customer service.

Take your career to the next level with our specialist care management courses and gain internationally recognised qualifications. Learn to develop relationships, perform delegation and increase productivity in workplaces that focus on delivering high-quality care.

Prepare for a successful career in Health and Social Care with SVQ’s and PDA’s designed to help learners become knowledgeable and confident care professionals. Learn the skills required to protect vulnerable groups and provide the highest quality care at all times.

In Professional Development

In Professional Development was created with the shared objective of challenging the traditional methods of learning and enabling professionals everywhere to have access to inclusive and high-quality training.

An extensive range of business growth training courses which are suitable for business leaders who operate within all industries, delivered by a team of expert tutors with decades of business experience. 

A range of finance courses and training opportunities for beginners, directors, financial leaders, and business stakeholders alike. Our fiscal training programmes cover all elements of financial reporting within your company, from internal management accounts and regulatory reporting to statutory external reporting requirements. We also offer financial training to help employees understand more about business fiscal strategies, including proposals, business plans, data analysis and reports.

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Supplier Development Programme

If you’re a Scottish SME or third sector organisation interested in working with the public sector, we can help. We offer expert training, support, and information to help you win work and grow your business.

For companies and social enterprises that have had little or no experience of tendering and would like to become ‘tender ready’. This level is designed to help companies decide if tendering is for them and if so how to go about it.

For companies and social enterprises that have some experience of tendering with varying success but would like to become more proficient.

For companies and social enterprises with plenty of experience and success of tendering. This level explores potential new markets (including overseas) and capacity building.

Third Sector Human Rights & Equalities (THRE)

THRE are working to give organisations and individuals the skills to become human rights and equalities champions, allowing the sector to better challenge inequalities and make a positive difference.

Digital technology and tools are an ever-growing part of our work and the services we use and provide. With the rapid developments of AI and the ever-present influence of algorithms and chatbots in day-to-day life, our new course is for anyone interested in these issues.

This half-day session explores, and will help you embed, a human rights and equalities approach to the development and culture of volunteer programmes and to volunteer recruitment.

Human rights and equalities – what are they, and why do they matter?

This course is all about the basics, it’s for people who are just starting out and want to learn the fundamentals or who know a bit about human rights and equalities and want to know more or are just curious about what a human rights and equalities first approach might be.

What are human rights and equalities, and why/how should third sector boards and committees incorporate them?

This is an introduction to what a human rights and equalities approach means for third sector boards and committees.

It’s for people who have a say, or give advice and support, on how boards or committees are run: trustees, board or committee members, managers, capacity building officers etc. – and will provide you with the tools you need to integrate human rights and equalities into the work of boards and committees.

This is an introduction to what a human rights and equalities approach means when talking about funding and fundraising.

This course is for anyone working in Scotland’s third sector who is involved in funding and fundraising and is interested in learning why and how to take a human rights and equalities first approach to your work.

Whether you are responsible for your organisation’s funding strategy or give advice to external organisations as a funding officer we hope to give you more confidence in applying a human rights and equalities approach to your work.

This course is all about applying a human rights and equalities first approach using the PANEL principles and is an ideal next step after attending our Basics course. It’s for people who already know a bit about human rights and equalities or are already familiar with the human rights and equalities first approach, and want to know how to apply them to their role and/or organisation.


ALISON is an online education platform for higher education that provides certificate courses and accredited diploma courses.

IT is one of our most popular categories, with in-depth courses and tutorials across all aspects of information technology. Sign up today to learn about cryptocurrency, blockchain, computer networking and server management. You can take free classes for in-demand languages like Python, JavaScript and C++, applying for official certification to take your programming career to the next level. We also cover growing skills like pentesting, full stack and MEAN stack development, and database management. Our courses have been developed by top IT organizations like CodeRed (premium cybersecurity tutorials), Microsoft (the world’s most successful software developer), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (a division of the US Department of Commerce) and the Computing Technology Industry Association (or CompTIA, an American IT certification group). We work with the best to bring you the best. We also cater for those learners who need more everyday skills, like how to use Microsoft 365, PowerPoint or even Zoom optimally. With so many people working remotely, having up-to-date computer skills will allow you to work more efficiently

Alison’s range of free online Health courses explores highly important aspects of physical fitness and mental wellbeing, as well as caring for others. Young or old, healthy or sick, our health plays a significant part in our lives. Whether you are looking for free health courses for your own wellbeing, your loved ones, or for a career in the field of healthcare, these online health courses, from nutrition to exercise, can benefit you in really fundamental ways.

Would you like free online French lessons? Or perhaps you’d prefer to learn German or find Spanish classes online? No matter the language – whether it’s French, German, Spanish, Italian, English, Japanese, or even sign language – if you’d like to learn it, our free language courses will have you covered. At Alison, we believe that everyone, everywhere should have access to quality education. That’s why all our language tutorials are completely free – all you need to do is register and begin learning. Having basic French or learning to speak Spanish won’t just help you when you travel, but as more and more people work remotely, it will help you in your career as well. You’ll be able to converse with your colleagues and clients, no matter which part of the world they are from. Being multilingual will provide you with opportunities you never imagined!One of the most sought-after languages to master is English – it’s global and is the international language of science, technology, and research. Our English language courses cover conservational English, vocabulary, writing, pronunciation, reading, speaking, and much more. In fact, if you’re looking for a more structured way to learn English, you can also explore our English Vertical. Here, you can get access to a series of in-depth courses across levels – from Beginner to Advanced. Once you’re proficient in basic English, you can hone your skills according to the industry you want to enter: we have specialist English tutorials for front-desk staff in the hospitality industry, for STEM workers, journalists, tourist guides, and business workers. To bring you the best free online language courses, we have partnered with prestigious organizations like the universities of Texas, Pennsylvania, and Lund. All you need to do is create your Alison account, choose your course, and get studying.

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Scottish Recovery Network - Peer Recovery Hub

It’s full of tools, events and opportunities to inspire you to develop and champion peer support for mental health recovery!

It’s a space where we’ll be shining a spotlight on your fantastic peer support projects, services and organisations. A place where we’ll share ideas and learning from people planning and delivering peer support activities, to help you do the same.

Peer support is powerful and it works. It’s a mutual relationship where people with shared experiences support each other especially as they move through challenging times.

Valuing and providing opportunities for people to intentionally use their lived experience to help others can transform how organisations deliver mental health support.

We bring people, services and organisations across sectors together to create a mental health system that embraces peer support and is powered by lived experience.

We’re pulling out all the stops to showcase different types peer support making a positive impact on mental health recovery in Scotland!

Be part of Peer support in action! as we work together to develop the peer landscape in Scotland and show the world what peer support can do!